How to create REST API in WordPress

WP REST API Controller allows admins to toggle the visibility of, and customize the endpoints for, all custom post types and all taxonomies within WordPress with an easy-to-use graphical interface. Additionally, you can tweak visibility and customize the meta data attached to the API response.


  • Enable/Disable REST API endpoints for custom post types and taxonomies.
  • Enable/Disable custom post type/taxonomy meta data (add or remove meta fields from API requests).
  • Rename custom post type/taxonomy base endpoints.
  • Rename custom post type/taxonomy meta data names in API requests so they are more user friendly.
  • Manipulate and control post types/taxonomies and their data created by third party plugins and themes.
  • Granular control of API responses without writing a single line of PHP code.
  • Filters included to alter and extend default functionality.

Download Rest API Plugin form here

If you are using ACF plugin for custom fields you can use ACF to REST API plugin too

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